Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona

Are you looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona?

We are your local expert for Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona!

If you need of an honest, professional, reliable carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Tucson or the surrounding areas, look no further than Best Kept Secret. We want to earn your business and be your lifetime carpet & upholstery cleaners.

We are family-owned and operated, and have served Tucson and the surrounding areas for nearly 25 years, and proudly still clean for the first customer we ever earned back in 1997. We have a history with Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona!

We offer both residential and commercial specials and a flexible schedule to fit your needs.

We are not your average carpet cleaning company. We know with confidence that we offer the most efficient cleaning method available, and with our hard work and determination, you will not only be satisfied when we’re finished, but you will also know you made the right decision in choosing Best Kept Secret for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Call us today for your FREE estimate at 520-900-0388.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona


Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona

Residential Carpet Cleaning

When your carpets are clean and fresh, the look and feel of your entire home improves.

Your carpeting is an integral part of your life. Your family walks on it, plays on it, and lives on it.

That means it gets dirty and shows wear over time. Plus, carpets tend to collect contaminants like dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, and allergens.

A healthy home begins with a healthy indoor environment. Tracked-in dirt and soil can embed itself in carpet and upholstery fibers leading to dark spots and traffic patterns.

That’s where professional cleaning from Best Kept Secret in Tucson can make a difference.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A healthy and productive office starts from the ground up, and office carpets are notorious for collecting dirt, dust, hair, and other contaminants that can have a major negative effect on your workplace’s air quality.

Bad air leads to sick workers, lost time, and reduced efficiency.

Regularly treating your workplace or office’s carpets to a professional cleaning is an excellent first step in making sure that your office is a safe and healthy environment for your employees and clients.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona

At Best Kept Secret in Tucson, we first scrub with a rotary shampoo machine using shampoo, deodorizer, and color brighteners. Next, a powerful suction vacuum extracts the moisture and soil. Then, we rake the carpet’s pile as necessary to leave your carpeting looking as beautiful as possible.

Carpet is an expensive investment and you want to take the best possible care of it to keep it looking great for as long as possible and to maintain your warranty. The hot-water extraction method of cleaning is recommended as the preferred method by major carpet manufacturers.

For your FREE estimate, call us today at 520-900-0388.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona

No matter how hard we try, stains keep appearing on our upholstery. But doing the job yourself with household cleaning products can make the problem worse, and can even lead to irreversible damage.

Next to your carpet, your furniture gets the toughest workout. Ground-in dirt, spills, odors, pet dander, and dust can make the upholstery look dull and aged.

Now you can breathe new life into your upholstered furniture with professional cleaning by Best Kept Secret in Tucson.

The very same abrasive particles that wear down your carpeting also wear down your upholstery.

We recommend professional cleaning every six months to extend the life of your upholstered furnishings.

Our process safely cleans even the most delicate fabrics, gently lifting soil and stains and leaving you with a “fresh as brand-new” result.

For your FREE estimate, call us today at 520-900-0388.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Casas Adobes Arizona


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